Client:SDG Innovation Lab
SDG Innovation Lab

The Challenge

In Armenia, we thrive on crafting tailored, authentic experiences for tourists. Their visits inspire us, and we value every online review—whether it highlights memorable moments, daily discoveries, or Instagram-worthy sights. Despite Armenia's rich history, it's a newcomer to global tourism, leaving room for improvement. Who better than tourists to guide us on what's working and where we can enhance the experience for others? That's where Travelinsights.ai comes in. It's a user-friendly tool that blends human storytelling with AI. Using sophisticated algorithms transforms how we shape tourism development. Collecting, analyzing, and visualizing real-time insights from Tripadvisor.com, Facebook.com, and Booking.com ensures that every review is noticed.

This trilingual platform offers insights into Armenia reviews based on:

  • Reviewer's country of origin
  • Review Source (Tripadvisor.com, Facebook.com, Booking.com)
  • Specific Armenian region
  • Individual businesses in Armenia

Select any of these options, and the platform provides detailed information about various tourist destinations, including:

  • Top 5 compliments and complaints
  • Types of destination (hotel, restaurant, museum, landmark, attraction)
  • Insights and price trends from the earliest online Armenia reviews
  • Review and price heatmap
  • Detailed categories for different tourism spots

The Solution

The Client was expecting a fully animated portal showing various statistical charts. There was a request to make the portal dashboard touch screen friendly. There should be an ability to filter data and see corresponding changes visually. One of the filters was a self-implemented interactive map of Armenia. The database was filled periodically by scraping data from facebook.com, booking.com, and tripadvisor.com. Having raw data in the DB system was arranging, sorting, and aggregating it by providing assorted APIs for the front end. The dashboard also uses Google Maps for location-based visualization.

Travel Insights