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Meet: SUPER 4

Super 4
As the founding team behind Integral Labs, we are thrilled to say welcome to our digital home. We know firsthand that trusted partnerships transform into success stories. Just as technology evolves, so do partnerships. We're excited about the future we can build together with you.
Hayk Hayotsyan
CTO • Member of the Board
Hayk has been extensively engaged in blockchain and crypto fields since 2014. He has worked on multiple L0, L1, and L2 blockchain projects, including Decent first marketplace (Graphen), PUBLIQ open protocol, distributed storage and utility token infrastructures, SkyNet distributed communicator, and open protocol.
He has over seven years of experience building high-frequency trading platforms and integration strategies and operating a highly successful New York-based hedge fund. He has over 17 years of experience in IT technologies, software, and IoT in different industries, including multiple startups, EDA (Mentor Graphics), and Web development. Hayk holds an engineering diploma in Radiophysics and microelectronics.
Michael Valasanyan
VP of Engineering • Member of the Board
Michael Valasanyan was the Head of development in Cortex MCP (USA), later acquired by Uphold LLC, a global, multi-asset digital trading platform with more than 10M users, where he led the crypto team developing unique multi-signature and multi-currency wallet applications.
He has 19 years of IT industry and software development experience in EDA (Mentor Graphics), Mobile application development, and Fintech companies. Michael has a master's degree in Informatics and Applied Mathematics with honors.
Hamazasp Avetisyan
CEO • Member of the Board
Hamazasp has been leading Integral Labs since its formation in 2017. Hamazasp has 17 years of experience in software development in leading senior tech positions at “Silicon Cloud International“ (Singapore, USA), Cortex MCP (USA), in EDA (Mentor Graphics), FinTech and Crypto solutions and applications, and Web development (BE&FE).
Hamazasp has a PhD in Computer Science.
Levon Arkelatyan
Business Development Officer • Member of the Board
Levon has been one of the pioneers in Blockchain technology and crypto solutions since 2014. He has a deep knowledge and over 17 years of experience in IT technologies, software, and mobile app development in different industries and multiple startups, including several years of high-frequency trading platform development and operations at a leading New York-based hedge fund.
Levon Arkelatyan has a Masters degree in Informatics and Applied Mathematics with honors.
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