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Providing innovative fintech solutions specializing in the cryptocurrency and blockchain tech
Our Story
Integral Labs LLC was founded in 2017 with a shared vision that blockchain is going to be one of the cornerstones of future technologies.
The main focus of our company is to provide efficient solutions to the existing fintech and cryptocurrency sector, as well as invest in adopting new technologies for more lasting results.
We create innovative consumer products with our partners, guide businesses towards digitalization, and help them transition into the crypto world.
Undoubtedly, the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology world may seem complex and risky, yet with our partnership, businesses can seamlessly utilize blockchain technologies in their operations and production.
  • Our Projects
  • Cryptocurrency Trading Platform
    Whitelabel cryptocurrency platform that is easily customizable to your needs.
    7 up and running instances
    500k users in total
    Running since 2017
  • Cryptocurrency Payment System
    Crypto wallet and payment solution for e-merchants to accept payments in cryptocurrencies easily.
    4 up and running instances
    70k payments processed
    Running since 2018
  • Cryptocurrency Wallet System
    Unified infrastructure for multi-currency systems.
    100+ cryptocurrencies
    1M transactions processed
    Top grade security
  • Liquidity Aggregator
    All in one exchange aggregator for trading and market data collection.
    10+ top exchanges
    Aggregated order books
    API for Algo trading
  • Green Mining
    Solar powered station utilizing the excess heat for waste less mining.
    500 KW stations
    2 stations in construction +2 upcoming
    Tokenized for public
  • Crypto Terminals
    Self-service terminals for crypto transactions.
    3 cryptocurrencies
    Mobile wallets
    Hardware-agnostic implementation
  • Skynet
    P2P communication protocol with embedded blockchain.
    IoT enabled
    Secure P2P communication
    Proof of Service
Our Partners