Client:IronFX LLC

The Challenge

The project IronX aimed to design a crypto trading platform for easy, fast, and secure one-click trading with the feature for users to select from a broad and growing range of cryptocurrencies they want to trade. The Ironx platform is a multifaceted project comprising three distinct components:

  • Crypto Trading Platform
  • Crypto Payment System
  • Market-Making Engine and Liquidity Provider

We were challenged to create a platform with:

  • A trading engine that supports an advanced referral program and a platform-specific utility token that works within the scope of the referral program.
  • Fiat components must be available on specific trading pairs and margin trading
  • and also the crypto payment system to get deposits in crypto

The Solution

The implementation supports a fully functional trading platform with advanced trading capabilities. Below is the list of supported features by categories:


  • Onboard end-user account
  • Different user roles for administration
  • Accepting deposits in crypto
  • Withdrawals in crypto
  • Support for Fiat Deposit withdrawal

User Interface

  • Multi-language support
  • Market charts (Tradingview Integration)
  • Native mobile clients (iOS and Android)
  • Active orders
  • List of completed transactions
  • User's orders
  • Form to create orders

Trading system

  • Trading API / Websockets
  • Trading API / REST
  • Real-time trade settlement
  • Order matching system
  • Different order types
  • Supported major cryptocurrencies.

Profile management

  • Google Authenticator (Two-Factor Authentication)
  • KYC – built-in support, easy integration with third-party, several third-party integrations
  • The ticketing system for customer support
  • History of orders, transactions, deposits, withdrawals
  • Currency deposit
  • Currency withdrawal
  • E-mail notifications
  • Telegram notifications for admins

Admin panel

  • Dashboard
  • User management
  • Management of administrators and rights management
  • Deposit management
  • Management of withdrawals
  • Statistics
  • User verification
  • 2FA-protection of necessary administrator actions
  • Management of the exchange settings
  • Deposit/Withdrawal commission management interface (available on the user level as well)
  • Transaction fee management (available on user level as well)
  • Currency management interface
  • Trading pair management interface