Client:SDG Innovation Lab
SDG Innovation Lab

The Challenge

Edu2Work is a platform addressing Armenia's labor market challenges. It aimed at reducing youth unemployment by making career decisions more data-driven. It uses AI to analyze job postings from various sources, offering valuable insights. It serves three main user groups:

Students and Career Navigators can:

  • Understand labor market trends.
  • Find in-demand professions and skills.
  • Match their skills to job postings.
  • Plan career transitions.

Policymakers and Researchers can:

  • Access real-time labor market data.
  • Monitor changes across regions.
  • Identify high-demand professions and skills.
  • Target investments effectively.

Universities and Educational Institutions can:

  • Identify sought-after jobs.
  • Align curriculum with job market needs.
  • Develop tailored programs.
  • Guide students.

The platform offers sections for easy navigation, including an overview, profession analysis, skills insights, industry analysis, degree demand, and personalized job matching.

The Solution

The Client was expecting a fully animated portal showing various statistical charts. There is a feature to filter data and see corresponding changes visually. We’ve stored Input data in the database and designed it to be filled by importing some special Excel sheets periodically filled by institutions or scraping data from web resources.