Client:Onexine LTD
Onexine LTD

The Challenge

Bololex infrastructure consists of the following stand-alone components.

  • Crypto trading platform
  • Crypto custody service
  • Liquid staking platform
  • Crypto gaming engine
  • Several unique games
  • Coin listing and voting portal
  • Crypto payment system
  • Several market-making bots
  • Backoffice dashboard
  • BOLO token and its infrastructure
  • Launchpad for new projects

Bololex is designed to be accessible and valuable and combine advanced trading tools with entertainment. The essential idea is a gamification of investment programs.

As it consists of several significant components, architecture is designed as a combination of different standalone products that use the same authentication server.

The Solution

The implementation supports fully functional stand-alone projects that are operating as one infrastructure.

Here is a breakdown of project-based components:

User management server
The user management server is responsible for user onboarding and authentication. It is a central point of authentication for all components. It also includes a based control system for the back office.
Generic trading engine
It is an exchange that allows users to exchange cryptocurrencies and use advanced trading tools.
Crypto gaming engine
This crypto gaming platform utilizes probability-fair gambling and provides “plug and play” support for adding games. It also has ten unique games developed in-house.
Crypto custody service
Custody service is a secure standalone service responsible for deposit withdrawal and managing cryptocurrencies. It supports most of the known blockchain protocols.
Staking platform
The staking platform is for both liquid off-chain stacking and liquidity pool staking.
Payment system
It’s a crypto payment system that allows merchants to accept crypto payments.
Voting engine
It’s a portal where crypto projects can be listed and voted for. It employs gamification of voting and listing processes to create better engagement for communities.
It’s a platform for launching new crypto projects and initial exchange offerings.
Backoffice dashboard
Each of the separate projects has its own back-office and admin dashboard. All admin dashboards are role-based and have several operational and support roles.