Client:SDG Innovation Lab
SDG Innovation Lab

The Challenge

The SDG Monitor is an AI-powered online tool designed for real-time and user-friendly monitoring of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) progress in Armenia, focusing on SDG 16, related to the rule of law and access to justice. It aims to strengthen national capabilities to achieve SDG 16, fostering solid institutions and accountable governance. The platform tracks SDG progress as well as identifies data gaps and bottlenecks. It offers innovative data collection methods and tools to support Armenia's commitment to the 2030 Agenda.

In line with SDG 17, emphasizing "Partnerships for the Goals" the project involves cross-sector partnerships among prominent institutions in Armenia, including the Deputy Prime Minister's Office, UN agencies, the Statistical Committee, and others. This collaborative effort aims to create a comprehensive source for tracking Agenda 2030 implementation.

The SDG Monitor provides various features:

  1. Overview: Real-time progress of SDG 16, visualized by target and indicator levels.
  2. Story map: Highlights of SDG 16 implementation and critical indicators.
  3. Perception of Justice: Combines ICT solutions, social media, and government website data to measure public perceptions of justice reforms and the rule of law.
  4. Target Progress: Detailed tracking of each target through indicators. Users can generate and download reports from the platform.
News and Resources: A collection of relevant research, studies, and updates related to the SDGs.

While data is available for many indicators, there are still gaps. The project welcomes contributions of high-quality data to enhance its accuracy and completeness.


The Solution

The Client was expecting a fully animated portal showing various statistical charts. There is a feature to filter data and see corresponding changes visually. We’ve stored Input data in the database and designed it to be filled by importing some special Excel sheets periodically filled by institutions or scraping data from web resources.