Client:SDG Innovation Lab
Project:Barev Balik
SDG Innovation Lab

The Challenge

The project BarevBalik aims to accelerate the modernization of maternal and child healthcare services by integrating data, evidence-based practices, and citizen-centered approaches into the development of maternal and child healthcare policy.

As part of the BarevBalik project framework, we have created a platform and mobile application called "Barev Balik". BarevBalik is a comprehensive resource, grounded in evidence-based information and tailored to Armenian cultural norms, for prospective and current parents seeking guidance on pregnancy and parenthood. The application/platform aims to make scientifically supported information readily available to parents online and is currently piloting a digitalized vaccination service. Through the app/platform, expectant mothers, parents-to-be, individuals dealing with infertility, and parents of children up to six years old can access to:

  • The health information concerning prenatal, postnatal, and pediatric.
  • Tools to assist in monitoring the health status of pregnant women and newborns.
  • Eligibility assessment for financial support.
  • Nearby located healthcare services such as hospitals, clinics, and laboratories.
  • Children's vaccination digitized records under the National Immunization Program of RA.

The Solution

The Client was expecting a fully animated portal showing various statistical data, calendar integrations, etc.

Integral Labs has created a comprehensive portal as a valuable resource for prospective and current parents. This portal offers a wealth of information related to healthcare and governmental regulations that can significantly benefit individuals in various stages of parenthood.

Additionally, Integral Labs has developed a range of practical tools to support parents in their journey, including:

  • A menstrual cycle calculator/calendar.
  • An ovulation calculator/calendar.
  • A feeding counter journal for tracking feedings.
  • A breastfeeding journal to monitor breastfeeding activities.
  • A sleep mode journal to track sleep patterns.
  • A child growth journal with statistical tracking capabilities.
  • A vaccination calendar to help parents keep track of immunizations.
These tools enhance the parenting experience by providing valuable resources and aids for parents' daily lives.

Barev Balik