Client:Integral Alpha Energy LLC
Integral Alpha Energy LLC

The Challenge

The client wanted to have management software for the Bitcoin mining farm to monitor and manage the mining equipment. In 2022, the client also asked for tokenization of one of its solar mining stations and platform to sell the tokens and distribute mining profits to the token holders.

The Solution

Our team implemented the mining management software that supports all major Bitmain products. It allows the client to see all the mining equipment in a single dashboard, organize them into groups, and manage them. Management software collects all the vital information about the hardware (temperature, hash rate, pool information, logs, etc.) and consolidates it in an easy-to-read dashboard. It is also integrated with the mining pool to show real-time earnings. It displays a basic economic overview of the mining farm.

The tokenization of the solar mining station was done on the Ethereum network and was offered to people to buy through our crypto payment system. Clients holding the tokens on the Alpha energy platform were entitled to get their portion of the mining earnings. Clients have their dashboards where they see the real-time payments from the mining pool and real-time solar station electricity output. Clients received their profits in the dashboard from where they could withdraw the funds or reinvest and buy more tokens. As a result of our collaboration, we created mining management software currently being used in 3 mining sites. The tokens of the station have been sold out, and everything operates as intended.

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