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We are a research and development hub specializing in blockchain, cryptocurrency and fintech
Help elevate the blockchain to be one of the leading technologies able to re-shape traditional industries in service to a more inclusive, fair and secure world.
Our main focus is to develop solutions for the global fintech and cryptocurrency markets using the cutting edge technologies.
We lead the design and development of original offerings with our partners, guide businesses in understanding, strategizing and implementing digitalization and transition into network driven decentralized markets.
By partnering with us, businesses can seamlessly, cost effectively and securely utilize leading fintech, blockchain and crypto technologies in their operations and production.
  • Cryptocurrency Trading Platform
    Whitelabel cryptocurrency platform that is easily customizable to your needs.
    7 up and running instances
    Over 500k users
    Running since 2017
  • Cryptocurrency Payment System
    Crypto wallet and payment solution for e-merchants to accept payments in cryptocurrencies easily.
    5 up and running instances
    Running since 2018
  • Cryptocurrency Wallet System
    Unified infrastructure for multi-currency systems.
    100+ cryptocurrencies
    1M transactions processed
    Top grade security
  • Liquidity Aggregator
    All in one exchange aggregator for trading and market data collection.
    10+ top exchanges
    Aggregated order books
    API for Algo trading
  • Green Mining
    Solar powered station utilizing the excess heat for waste less mining.
    500 KW stations
    2 stations operating
    Tokenized for public
  • Crypto Terminals
    Self-service terminals for crypto transactions.
    7 crypto terminals
    Mobile wallets
    Hardware-agnostic implementation
  • Skynet
    P2P communication protocol with embedded blockchain.
    IoT enabled
    Secure P2P communication
    Proof of Service
Founding Team
  • Hayk Hayotsyan, CTO, Member of the Board
    Hayk has been extensively engaged in blockchain and crypto fields since 2014. He has worked on multiple L0, L1, L2 blockchain projects including X12 coin, Decent first marketplace (Graphen), PUBLIQ open protocol, distributed storage and utility token infrastructures, SkyNet distributed communicator and open protocol.

    He has over 7 years of previous experience in building high frequency trading platforms and integrations, strategies and operating a highly successful New York based hedge fund. He has over 17 years of experience of IT technologies, software and IoT in different industries, including multiple startups, EDA (Mentor Graphics), and Web development.

    Hayk holds an engineering diploma in Radiophysics and microelectronics.
  • Hamazasp Avetisyan, General Director, Member of the Board
    Hamazasp has been leading Integral Labs since its formation in 2017. Hamazasp has 17 years of experience in software development in leading senior tech positions at “Silicon Cloud International“ (Singapore, USA), Cortex MCP (USA), in EDA (Mentor Graphics), FinTech and Crypto solutions and applications, and Web development (BE&FE).

    Hamazasp has a PhD degree in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Informational Technologies. Researching SRAM memory chip testing algorithms.
  • Levon Arkelatyan, Chief Architect, Member of the Board
    Levon has been one of the pioneers in Blockchain technology and crypto solutions since 2014.

    He has a deep knowledge and over 17 years of experience of IT technologies, software and mobile app development in different industries and multiple startups, including several years of high-frequency trading platform development and operations at a leading New York based hedge fund.

    Levon Arkelatyan has a Masters degree in Informatics and Applied Mathematics with honors.
  • Michael Valasanyan, Chief Engineer, Member of the Board
    Michael Valasanyan was the Head of development in Cortex MCP (USA) later acquired by Uphold LLC, a global, multi-asset digital trading platform with more than 10M users, where he led the crypto team developing unique multisignature and multi currency wallet applications.

    He has 19 years of IT industry and software development experience in EDA (Mentor Graphics), Mobile application development, and Fintech companies.

    Michael has a Masters degree in Informatics and Applied Mathematics with honors and is a PhD candidate in the same field.
Trading Platform
Crypto asset and wallet management
Matching engine
API for integrations
Advanced and flexible admin interface
Liquidity aggregator
Referral program
Limit/Market & other advanced orders
Built-in KYC
External KYC integration
Engine to add different fiat gateways
Advanced reporting
Advanced security
100+ cryptocurrencies with tokens
Payment & Wallet Systems
Crypto asset and wallet management
API for integrations
Merchant portal
PoS app for Android terminals and phones
Support for 3rd party KYC integration
Instant transactions from wallet to payment system
Instant transfers between wallets
Automatic currency conversion
100+ cryptocurrencies with their tokens
Advanced security
Dealing center setup
Mobile wallets: iOS & Android
Secure storing of coins or tokens.
Sending and receiving select crypto currencies.
Managing funds in real-time
In-wallet exchange through partner exchange integrations
Easy access to live fiat exchange rates or other market information
Multiple languages support
Bitcoin support
BitPay Payment Protocol Integration
Blockchain development
Original blockchain

Full control of supply and mining schedules.

Support custom blockchain action.

Consensus: POS or Delegated PoS

Mining with or without block rewards

Block time: starting from 30 seconds

TPS: up to 10K per second

Transaction time: Instant broadcasting (pending status) with confirmation depending on block time

Anonymous transaction capability

Core Products: Blockchain daemon, CLI Wallet, REST API


Monero fork with modifications

Mining software

Cold web wallet

Blockchain explorer


Based on Graphene library

Proof of stake with mining pools

Web cold wallet and blockchain explorer

Anonymous transactions


Based on Graphene library

Distributed DNS system

P2P secure communication protocol

IoT compatible light nodes

Distributed web

The next generation P2P network communicator

Skynet Communication Protocol (SCP) allows real-time messaging between Skynet nodes over its distributed (P2P) network. Using public / private key encryption ensures that all messages sent over the network are visible only to the intended recipients.

SCP is open source. The distributed network ensures that SCP does not have a single point of failure. SCP architecture allows it to be integrated with almost all existing networks and systems, for example Ethereum.

DA Exchange

A centralized digital asset exchange solution supporting both crypto-to-crypto and fiat-to-crypto conversions.

Blockchain/DLT framework agnostic.

May be structured to best mitigate financial exposure risk.

Functionality: exchange, clearing, settlement and registry; own KYC/AML platform.

High Frequency Trading (HFT) via REST API, Socket API and FIX protocol.

Dealership/Brokerage solution.

White label and turn-key solutions.

DA Exchange Technology

MongoDB - storage for user data, order data, order history and hot wallet

NodeJS - Main programming language for all components in backend

ExpressJS - User request handler

AngularJS - Main framework for frontend

Vue JS - Framework for Frontend

ICO/IEO platform

Self-hosted ICO Platform

Contributions in BTC, ETH, and other coins

Client dashboard

Post ICO automatic coin or token distribution

Bonus schemes, bonus pool

Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)

Blockchain explorer

A web tool for exploring blockchain or finding the blocks, addresses, or transactions.

Blockchain explorer serves the purpose of making blockchain more visible for non-technical users.


Listing original tokens and coins on 8+ exchanges globally

Voting system for listing

Community engagement solutions

Initial coin and exchange offering


Development of free-to-play, play-to-earn games

Game economics

Game integrations


Air drops

Customer engagement platform


11 Games developed for Bololex

Voting system

Voting platform for coin listing

Community engagement, contributions and development platform

Coin nomination

Cryptocurrency ranking

Awareness building

Winner selection solution


BlockTrader provides innovative trading experience by allowing people with no background in programming to build automated trading bots by simply dragging and dropping preset modules of logic blocks. Traders can connect to their exchange accounts using API keys and trade on those exchanges using BlockTrader. BlockTrader incorporates popular trading indicators and signals as well as have a marketplace of new innovative trading indicators.


Transparent and decentralized statistical game, based on cryptographic functions and features of popular cryptocurrencies. The whole process of forming a fund, participants, partners, selection of winners and fund distribution is automatic and works according to predefined conditions. All data is automatically recorded in the public network of the blockchain of a specific cryptocurrency and is fully transparent to audit by any interested party.


Algorithmic trading platform using sentiment analysis on news articles and social media. Sentiment Analysis or Opinion Mining refers to the use of NLP, text analysis and computational linguistics to determine subjective information or the emotional state of the writer or topic. Algorithmic trading automates the trading process by rapidly and precisely executing orders based on a set of defined rules. Algorithmic trading removes human error and the dangers of acting on emotion.

Integral Alpha Energy

Carbon free green mining stations

Solar plants for mining

The solar plants use top grade PV panels and high efficiency inverters to utilize the maximum amount of solar energy.

The yearly solar energy production covers 100% of energy used by the mining equipment.


Each station may be tokenized (e.g. ERC 20), so that token holders have a share in profits from mining operation.

Making crypto currencies accessible for everybody

SkyWallet stores user’s crypto assets and allows to sell and buy assets instantly through SkyTerminals.

Users can deposit and withdraw crypto to SkyWallet at any time. Once the crypto assets are on SkyWallet all transactions within SkyLabs ecosystem are instant.


SkyTerminal allows users to buy and sell crypto assets in exchanges instantly. Both custodial (with SkyWallet) and non-custodial solutions are possible.

SkyTerminal supports BTC, ETH, USDT, BNB, USDC, BUSD, TRX.

More coins are in the pipeline and will be added on regular basis.